Who is Stephanie Sekou aka Studio Tian

I have lived a traveler’s journey, moving every three years since my early twenties. My jewelry designs are influenced by my time living in Oregon, Colorado and of course my home state California. I use wire wrapping and metal smithing techniques. The materials I use include gold and gemstones.

My business has evolved a lot in the past couple of years. I got married, grieved the death of a loved one, all while pregnant and living through a pandemic, plus an out of state move. So it’s safe to say that I, like many others, have gone through some tumultuous times since 2019. This transition in life taught me to pivot and simplify when times get tough. I decided to give up my original business idea which was to sell vintage clothing. I donated and unloaded hundreds of pounds of clothing and went deeper into my jewelry-making skills. I haven’t looked back.

’Tian’ means heaven or sky in Chinese, my native tongue. I liked the idea of naming my business “My Daily Art Practice.” But I decided it was too long. So I was playing with the word ‘tian tian’ which means ‘daily’ or ‘everyday’ in Chinese. I also love that ‘tian’ on its own alludes to the ethereal and that which is above. It touches upon the spiritual aspect of my art practice. It’s a way for me to transcend the daily grind. The word studio also alludes to my photography practice, which I still hold near to me. It is important for me to have a name I can expand into, a name that is evergreen.